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A specialist family-tree service from expert researcher and professional genealogist William Hall, formerly  Chief Researcher and Assistant to the late Garter King of Arms at the College of Arms, and editorial assistant to Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage. 

heritagehound has arrived !

It's been a while in the making, but here we are at long last - heritagehound is up and running!

Many thanks to all of you for the loyalty, support and enthusiasm in getting this business going - I am delighted at the interest shown thus far.

This week I have been amazed and fascinated by a series of photographs of the Fisher family that were sent me by a distant cousin - this is really the essence of what I and heritagehound are about - putting meat on the skeleton of a family tree, discovering facts and even images of long-dead ancestors, faces to names (which is rare and wonderful given the dates involved, most of the photographs under discussion being taken in the 1860s and '70s).

Just a single name can be terribly important in providing the link-up with a whole world of relatives - just as it could lead to a wild goose chase if one isn't careful. That is the point - heritagehound is here to supply discreet, in-depth research, to read the files, notes and papers, to know which names to follow up and which to know from experience are less likely to be relevant, to cast a practiced eye over the family tree and discover new and exciting areas of research.

A great deal of research is now possible online, but heritagehound is a service that can provide answers beyond the web - being based in London, there are the several of the biggest and best repositories of genealogical information in the United Kingdom if not the world on one's doorstep. Heritagehound can steer a path through the oceans of facts and data, unpicking the hitherto disregarded or unnoticed facts to place long dead family members within the context of the lives of their ancestors and descendants, to allow them to speak for themselves once more.

Personally that is the point of discovering ancestors, meeting the past and the family and discovering things one never knew about how one came to be as one is and why.

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